Belle + Senior Medical Alert


  • 24/7 Professional and Friendly Call Center. We Will Notify Loved Ones and Neighbors With Messages, Assistance Requests, Call Emergency Professionals If Needed, Or Even Have a Friendly Conversation To Ease Loneliness
  •  24/7 Fall Detection. Wear the Belle + Everywhere, Even In The Shower. It Will Detect and Notify Help When A Fall Has Occurred (Not Included with Belle)
  • 24/7 GPS Tracking So You Can Go Anywhere. Don’t let your Emergency Alert System Stop You From Living Your Life. Go Where You Want To Go Anytime. (Not Included with Belle)

For the majority of seniors, aging safely in their homes will be the #1 priority. Over the next 30 years, Baby Boomers will want to grow old in the safety and familiarity of their own homes. 

  • 65 Million People Will Focus On Aging At Home

Nearly 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

GPS Tracking

The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system. GPS Tracking allows someone to know where you are 24/7. If you become unresponsive, help will know exactly where to find you even if you are unable to press the button.

Fall Detection

If you fall or have a medical emergency and can’t push the button. Built-in fall detection will alert Call Center Professionals who will communicate with you through the device. They will determine if EMS is necessary or who the appropriate contact will be to assist you.

Cellular Connection

Cellular Triangulation You are no longer confined to your home. Go anywhere, anytime where there is a cellular connection. Cellular triangulation allows the Belle+ to be active and connected to the call center wherever you are and whenever you need help. You are never alone.

Two-Way Voice Communication

24/7 Professional Monitoring
24/7 Monitoring means there is always someone available. Press the call button for assistance night or day. Representatives are friendly and willing to fulfill call requests and family notifications. Ex. Press the button on the Belle+, ask the representative to notify your family member to bring home that item you forgot at the store earlier. 


A Hot Texas Night

She put one foot on the hardwood floor, then the other, but as she attempted to stand Laura’s feet slipped right out from underneath her. Laura tried with all of her might to get up. The bed was no help. “Maybe the walker?” she thought, but to no avail. “I can do this myself,” she said aloud to her dark, empty room, as she took off her slippery socks. She tried and tried for over an hour to get up on her own, but with each attempt she could feel her muscles stiffening and her strength decreasing. She had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and realized she would need help very soon. After another anguished attempt to get herself up, Laura rested her arm on her nightstand and bumped her hand into what she recognized as her Belle device. With great relief, she immediately grabbed the device and pushed the button for help. Laura was promptly connected to AvantGuard operator, Julia, who swiftly sent the paramedics to Laura’s home. “Laura sounded very weak and tired. I was really worried for her,” said Julia. “I stayed on the line with her until help arrived and assured her that everything was going to be alright.” The paramedics arrived within minutes and helped Laura with everything she needed, even getting her a glass of water before leaving. In a recent interview with AvantGuard, Laura said, “This system is fantastic. I carry my Belle device with me all of the time, now, just in case.” Since the incident, Laura has made a full recovery. *Name changed

Best Mistake I Ever Made

Scott* felt his heart race faster and faster as he stared helplessly at the cell phone in his shaky, sweating hands. Scott is diabetic and had gone into a hypoglycemic state. This affected his vision, strength and mental acuity. Everything had gone blurry and he couldn’t make out a single button on his phone screen. His speech was slurred which made any voice-activated commands on his phone impossible. Scott knew he needed help, and quick. Unable to use his phone for assistance, he was about to panic, but was calmed as he remembered the Belle device hanging from his neck. Scott was easily able to feel around for the single button on his Belle device, promptly push it, and get connected with an AvantGuard operator. “I need help,” Scott slurred in his ever-weakening state. Kaylee, the AG operator who answered Scott’s call, immediately dispatched the emergency medical services to Scott’s location. She stayed on the line until help arrived, constantly reassuring Scott that everything was going to be okay. “I could tell he was really worried,” AG operator, Kaylee, recounted. “I wanted to help him feel as calm as possible, so I kept his mind on other things, like his family, until medical help made it to Scott’s location.” The EMS team arrived quickly and assisted Scott in raising his blood sugar levels back to normal before any major damage was done to his body. Since the incident, Scott has made a full recovery, thanks to the swift actions of Kaylee and the EMS team that arrived on scene. In an interview with Scott, he revealed that prior to his incident, Scott had actually called AvantGuard to get the device by mistake. “Best mistake I ever made!” he exclaimed. “You’ve got me for life!” *Name changed