Elementor #2391

safety and independence for seniors.
Efficient and Predictive Analysis for wellness providers.

Caregiver Alerts

Unusual Activity
Ø Understand your client’s typical activity pattern and get an alert if something is out of the ordinary.
Up and About
Ø Make sure your client is up and active during the hours you would expect.

Daily Activity Tracking

Trend Reporting (Predictive Analysis)
Ø Track behavioral changes that could indicate declining conditions.
Ø Offer evidence based data to support changes in level of care
Multi-Resident View at A Glance
Ø Monitor multiple clients on a single dashboard

Inactivity Notifications

Real-Time Notifications
Ø When unusual events occur
Ø If there is no motion during regular routine patterns
Ø Changes in ADLs (Activities of Daily Living)

Senior Safety System


Activity Sensors

Placed in centralized areas such as: Hallways, Living areas, basement stairs, etc.

Base System

(1) Interactive Control Panel
(3) Door Sensors
(2) Activity Sensors

Door Sensors

Placed on exterior doors, interior doors, refrigerators, medicine cabinets, food pantries, etc.

Advanced Activity Monitoring

Bed Occupancy Sensor Placed in beds to detect occupancy/non occupancy as well as bathroom irregularity, change in sleep patterns.
Door Bell Camera Allows two-way interaction with visitors in real-time. Garage door Monitor and control garage doors Remotely.

Advanced Automation

Can be programmed and monitored remotely specifically to the resident. Water sensor and shutoffs Detects water turns off main water supply.
Smart Door locks
Remotely programmable locks .

Advanced Safety

Advanced Lighting control
Control lighting based on activity or time.
Red Alert Button
A call for help button that can be placed anywhere in the residence.
Medical Emergency Pendant Wearable call for assistance pendent.

Information At Your Fingertips

Provide Superior Care
With better awareness of your client’s around the clock activity, you can immediately identify and respond to needs. Wellness even assists in detecting nighttime falls, when clients often do not wear alert buttons.

Create Informed Care Plans
Intelligent analytics give you visibility to changes in daily routines and help you stay ahead of emergent health problems. Equipped with better insight, you can partner with families to create care plans that work.

For Senior Living Providers
Differentiate your community by providing individualized care and improved outcomes – all more efficiently than you thought possible.

Efficient, Customized Care
Customized trend analysis and early detection of changes in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), give Providers evidence-based data to support changes in levels of care while enabling individualized support across the wellness continuum. Wellness even helps achieve staffing efficiencies and maintain operational costs, thanks to improved population management.

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