Unfortunately, not having a plan for you or your parents to age safely at home does not prevent the inevitable.

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Senior Statistics:

  • The Administration on aging states that only 3.5 percent of seniors 65 and older choose to live in institutional settings, such as nursing homes.
  • There are 3 million undetected falls every year
  • The time spent on the floor is in direct correlation to recuperation time. For each hour on the floor, the chance of being able to live at home alone is severely decreased, as well as how long the recovery will be.
  • Technology is allowing seniors to stay at home longer, 6 in 10 seniors have smart devices in their home


Create a plan before an EMERGENCY happens

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After reading this guide you can then begin to make a plan that will promote wellness, independence, and safety for the resident and at the same time allowing family members a high level of confidence that their parent(s) are safe to live alone.

 Protect you or your loved one’s health, independence, and family inheritance

Tip 5:  If you or a loved one fell or was unconscious and can’t call out or push a medical pendant button, would you want someone to know about the emergency

Tip 3:  Are there hazards in the home that could cause seniors to fall

Tip 4:  If you or a loved one lived alone and were faced with the following which of the following would be the desired outcome:  a. Age at home with the aid of outside resources; b. Choose to live in a nursing home or retirement facility

Tip 1:  What considerations need to be addressed in order to live safely in the residence?

Tip 2:  What financial issued need to be considered