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Traditional pay TV providers lost nearly 2M subs in Q3

Thanks largely to a drastic video subscriber drop off at AT&T, traditional pay-TV providers lost close to 2 million subscribers combined in the third quarter.  According to Kagan, a TMT research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence, traditional pay-TV providers (including cable, telco and satellite operators) lost approximately 1.9 million video subscribers in the third quarter. That’s 25% higher than the previous largest drop in the second quarter of 2019. Source:  Fiercevideo

My Perspective:  Historical data shows that consumers continue to cut the cable TV cord and replace it with streaming video.  I feel the savings in cutting the cord will be reinvested in purchasing higher speed Internet and the costs of the monthly streaming offers.  However, customers want control of when and what they want to watch, another reason for cord cutting.

Google has become the latest big tech firm to move into banking

The firm said it plans to partner with banks and credit unions in the US to offer the “smart checking” accounts.  It said the service, to be launched via Google Pay, will allow users to add Google’s analytic tools to traditional banking products.  The move follows offerings of credit cards, payment systems and loans by Facebook, Uber, Apple, and Amazon. 

My Perspective:  I am not sure I want Google, Facebook, etc. knowing my banking habits, they seem to already have files and files of information on us that I am not comfortable with them having my banking records as well.  Source:  BBC News

Amazon Echo Show 8: $100

It’s not even released yet, but Amazon just trotted out its first-ever discount on the Echo Show 8. It’s basically a larger version of the super popular Echo Show 5 (which is currently on sale for $80, FYI), and therefore better suited to places like the kitchen, where the 8-inch screen makes it easier to view cooking videos and the like. Read our Echo Show 8 preview.  Source:  CNET

My Perspective:  You don’t even have to wait until Black Friday, Amazon is offering it now for $100.00!  Those who know me, know that I have a lot of Amazon Echos, Dots, and smart devices connected to my Alexa app, and I am thinking it is time for me to have an Echo Show 8.  This would be a nice device for my wife to have in the kitchen, for recipes and things like that.  It is at a very good price right now also.   NOTE:  I am intrigued by these screens, one day I am thinking they will be used to detect intruders in our homes.

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