Sky LTE With Fall Detection


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The Sky LTE allows our customers to go about their days with confidence knowing help is just a button press away. The device works anywhere there is Verizon cellular signal, so with nearly nationwide mobile coverage, wearers can feel confident wherever they go. The fall detection allows for reliable alerts while the user cancellation function allows for reduction in false alarms if accidentally activated. We will set the device to your preferred languate. Vibration and feedback for hearing and visually impaired allows our customers to utilize the full service. Bluetooth capabilities allow integration with thousands of sensors including add-on peripherals and telehealth devices, allowing for teamwork in on-going care situations.

  • TRAINED PROFESSIONALS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. When the medical alert help button is pressed, or a fall has been detected, an experienced and well-trained emergency specialist from our team will respond within seconds. The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to communicate with them directly and our professionals can help facilitate the dispatch of medical, police or fire department assistance and can even relay an important message to a friend or family member.
  • PRICE INCLUDES FIRST 4 MONTHS OF SERVICE: $34.99 per month after 4th month. No Long-term contracts. No confusing service tiers. No cancellation fees. With our emergency pendant you can enjoy nationwide protection connected with Verizon 4G LTE cellular network. 
  • EASY TO USE   When the button is pushed, a text alert will be sent to each contact wishing to receive them. In the text message, you can enter into a group chat with other contacts. Everyone stays up-to-date and informed about important decisions. Receive low battery alerts via text message or email.
  • DESIGNED FOR THE BEST CARE. 90% of seniors would prefer to stay at home as they age. Unfortunately many falls occur in the bathroom. Our adult monitor with fall detection feature and IP67 water resistant rating allows a person to keep the device on during a shower or anywhere else falls may occur.

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