A smart guideline about Medical Alert Devices

No one is safe in today’s fast life and ever-changing environment. Anyone can come across an emergency. Young and mature people can care for themselves better due to their alertness and proactiveness. The problem is more alarming with the senior citizen age group, who are not that active due to age and illness. They are more at medical alert systems for seniors. The idea is to take preventive measures and make their life safe and sound.

How do Medical alert devices function?

Medical alert devices for seniors are also known as personal emergency response systems. They provide a quick and easy way for older people with health problems. It is a proactive measure for those who live alone and have no one around to get help in an emergency. 

This emergency can be a medical issue, a fall from bed or in the washroom, a fire accident, or any other event requiring an immediate response. Simply put, these medical alert systems have a help button that you can press to contact a live employee at an emergency response center. Or the life alert system for seniors can send an alert to your family, friend, or any nearby known person who can react quickly in any emergency.

Different types of medical alert devices

Technology has come a long way. The advanced technology used in medical alert devices has been a revolution. These devices make seniors much more secure and safe these days. There are different types of medical alert devices available in the market. You can choose from these different types and select the best one according to your specific needs.

Medical alert devices are categorized into two general categories. I.e., Monitored medical alert devices and Non Monitored medical alert devices. Here we will give an overview of these two types of categories.

The functionality of monitored medical alert devices

In the case of an emergency, after you press the button, you will be connected to the monitored contact center. Here the Agent will give a live response to your emergency. If you want to alert your family or friend, the contact center agent will call them on your behalf. Or, in case you want immediate attention, Agent will quickly send the alert to rescue 911 on your behalf.

A monthly subscription pays for these monitored medical alert devices. These packages also include perks like spouse coverage, medicine reminders, phone calls for check-in purposes, and replacement of new batteries. Your package is specified as per your need.

The functionality of non-monitored medical alert devices

When you press the button in case of an emergency, it alerts your friends and family. Usually, it is a pre-recorded message to alert your loved ones. There is no live contact with contact centers with these devices. These are medical alert systems for seniors with no monthly fee. With these medical alert devices, there is no monthly subscription fee to be paid—these medical alert systems are for seniors free. You only have to pay the one-time device charges. 

There are two primary categories of free medical alert systems available: those that dial an outside number and those that sound an alarm on your property. The first is often used by older people who have in-home attendants, while the second is for people who live independently. You can set up some medical alert systems to phone specified family members in a prescribed sequence, with a call to 911 as the last choice. Other gadgets lack customization options.

The ideal candidates for unattended medical alert systems are senior citizens with nearby caretakers who can react swiftly to a call.

It can be challenging for seniors who depend on fixed incomes to budget for life-saving technology. Seniors can live freely without worrying about tragic falls and accidents thanks to medical warning systems, but the monthly charges might be expensive. Numerous medical alert systems are available that don’t require a monthly charge. Life alert systems for seniors free, gives the affordability factor to them. 

Which is the most preferable, monitoring or not monitoring?

Ideally, the experts recommend going for the monitored medical alert devices. With non-monitoring devices, there is a chance that your family person or friend doesn’t recognize the call. They might be busy or sleeping at the time of the call. With the monitoring devices, there will be a response from a live agent. He can advise you on call to keep your nerves under control, and meanwhile, it triggers the response from rescue 911 or family/friend.

The situation varies from case to case. It would be best if you considered the mobility condition of the senior citizen, whether they are living with an attendant or not. This will help you get the best medical alert devices for seniors.

As we have discussed the classification based on monitored and non-monitored medical alert devices, we will now discuss the types of devices. I.e.,in-home alert devices and mobile-based medical alert devices.

Home Built in alert devices

These gadgets incorporate a built-in system into the house. The system comprises a base station, wall buttons, and a wearable gadget. This arrangement is suitable for older people who constantly live at home and don’t leave much. 

Keep the base station accessible so you can use it as a speakerphone to communicate with the monitor if necessary. It’s excellent for people who spend most of their time at home because the wearable gadget only functions if it stays close to the base station.

Mobile medical alert devices

Mobile medical alert devices work outside the home as well. They are helpful for senior citizens who go outside the home as well. It is offered in two types usually. Some companies sell wearable gadgets with built-in speakers & microphone devices. Other companies offer a portable device you can easily carry in your pocket.

GPS tracking is generally a part of these mobile medical alert devices. This makes it easier for the monitoring center to pinpoint your whereabouts in an emergency. It will reduce the time first responders spend physically searching for elderly citizens.

What are the options available for medical alert devices?

For your convenience, we are sharing details of some high-quality medical alert devices you can acquire as safety steps for the elderly.

Belle X Caregiver Medical Alert

Belle X is one of the best medical alert devices for seniors available in the market. With the help of 4G LTE mobile phone connection, you can get emergency assistance anywhere in the United States. 

 It has the best quality two-way speaker and microphone system through which you can hassle-free communicate with experienced professionals 24/7. Alarms can be set up either by pressing the Belle X’s call button or automatically if the sensor detects an emergency fall.

 There is a circular light that displays the battery charging. How much is left and when it needs to be charged? The optional caregiver app lets family members check Belle X’s battery level. It can assist users in locating the device’s wearer in case they accidentally stray from home.

 The best medical alert for elderly devices Belle X will cost you only $97. It has a one-month free subscription with the purchase, and you have to pay $49.99 every month.

Let’s now discuss the design details of Belle X.

1) The Senior Safety Belle X is the best medical alert device available. It provides the best result with the latest technology. It is a medical alert necklace for seniors with GPS, WiFi, and 4G LTE countrywide coverage full of life-saving features, including a phone and alarm.

2) Due to its advanced technology, the Belle X is half the size as compared to the other safety devices for elderly available in the market.

 Our discreet alarm button has an easy-to-use clip so you can wear it at your convenience. Our aged assistance items can be tied to a lanyard and worn as a medical alert necklace for easy access. The medical alert system can also be fastened to a belt, purse, or other accessories to remain near the user. 

3) The hallmark of our Senior Safety Belle X device is 24/7 user-friendly communication with our trained emergency experts. It doesn’t matter if it is daytime or night; we are always available for service. Taking care of your loved one is our topmost priority.

 4) We operate in all areas across the United States where cellular phone network is available. It is highly recommended to have a 4GLTE connection for hassle-free service.

 5) Senior Safety Belle X has great battery performance. In one go charge, the battery last for about 5 days. The alarm usually rings as a reminder to charge the battery. Authorized family persons or friends can also check the battery status through the caregiver app.

WellCam and Medical Alert Duo

Our WellCam and Medical Alert Duo are specially designed by keeping the safety needs of your loved one in mind. The device has the best safety features for the elderly at home. Now you can take care of your parents, grandparents or loved ones even if you are not around them. Your peace of mind and comfort is our biggest achievement.

Your loved ones can talk to you whenever they want, using the WellCam at home. You are informed that they want to contact you through the device via your smartphone or tablet by pushing a button. Receive information about their daily activities, hear them, and see them.

 You are just a single button away from them irrespective of your physical distance. 

 The WellCam and Medical Alert Duo will cost you $247 only. A monthly monitoring fee of $49 will be a package deal that includes the WellCam app services and professional monitoring.

Some of the best features of the WellCam duo are:

1) Utilize the Alarm.Com Mobile App to check in and communicate verbally and visually to confirm everyone is safe within the house. You two seem to be in the same room together.

2) You can monitor the changing activity levels of your loved one to minimize any potential health risks. Daily summary reports will help you in analyzing & comparing the day-to-day health situation.

3) When you notice that certain details have altered, a 180-degree field-of-view camera with 1080p resolution and a 6MP zoom-in deliver crisp focus. Place the Wellcam in any room, such as the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, to see the entire area.

4) Listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and music using the camera as a Bluetooth speaker. It combines quickly with other cameras and sophisticated security tools.

5) Our Belle+ Medical Alert Device is the ideal solution for your loved one’s safety in emergency situations. Help is only a button press away, no matter where they are. The gadget device relies on Verizon cellular coverage.

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