Ensuring the safety with Fall Detection devices

An emergency can occur with anyone. Most of our senior citizens are living alone. They have more risk of facing any emergency. As we care for our loved ones, we will take precautionary measures to prevent them from trouble. Fall detection devices for seniors take care of the seniors and play a vital role in ensuring their safety.

In this blog, we will discuss the preventive measures or alert mechanisms in case any senior citizen falls when he is alone. 

For seniors prone to falls, fall detection systems automatically use technology to identify the person and provide help quickly. Pressing the call button is unnecessary when using a fall detection medical alert system to request assistance. In case of a fall by the user, these systems instantly activate the sensor. Fall detection devices for the elderly are a great help in case of a fall in emergencies. Everyone must look for the safety options for seniors to protect their loved ones from emergencies.

These devices are primarily beneficial for seniors. Fall detection devices for dementia patients take care of the dementia patients in case of any emergency fall situation. The CDC report shows that around 3 million adults 65 and older 65 have fall injuries. These figures are for those people who are treated in hospital emergency departments. Many adults treat themselves at home. Fall detection devices for home use help track any emergency fall situation for these adults. 

This device helps inform others about a person who needs help after falling. The devices reduce the risk of significant injuries and help provide timely medical aid to these patients. Due to these helpful devices, the risk of long-term injuries is reduced. 

How do these devices work?

Wearable and ambient sensor devices are the most common fall detection devices. 

Accelerometers, a class of low-power radio wave technology sensors, are used by fall detection systems to track the user’s movements. Modern fall detection systems use three-axis accelerometers, similar to smartphones and smartwatches. Several fall detection devices use a built-in tri-axial accelerometer with patented algorithms. 

The fall alert detectors can determine whether a person has unexpectedly fallen by spotting sudden changes in body movement. According to the International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications, the device can assess a person’s posture, level of physical activity, and how smoothly their movements accelerate. When a fall has occurred and the gadget judges that these factors are in the danger zone, it will automatically activate an emergency fall alarm and contact emergency response personnel.

First, we will explain how wearable sensors work and then discuss ambient sensors in detail.

Wearable Sensor Devices

A wearable safety device for the elderly can be a pendant, watch, belt, or clip-on device. When a person falls, the sensor, which is built into a watch, belt, pendant, or clip-on device, detects the movement of a person. If a person falls, the device sensor informs the manufacturer team about the incident by sending the signal. As soon as the agent receives the call, he contacts the person with a family, friend, or rescue 911 team. 

The agent is responsible for contacting the person listed in the system as “Contact in case of emergency” immediately if the person confirms the fallen incident. If a fallen person has a severe injury and does not respond, the “contact in case of emergency” person is automatically informed by the fall detection device.

Fall detection sensor systems for the elderly have two options, one is automatic, and the other is manual. It helps a person to inform manually as well. 

Ambient Sensor Devices

The movement of a person is monitored by placing the cameras in the home. The procedure is the same as wearable devices, but the camera detects falls. If a person falls and is detected through an ambient sensor device, the manufacturer agent contacts the person through a loudspeaker fixed at home. 

If the person confirms the incident, the agent is liable to contact the person listed in the system “in case of emergency.” If there is no response from the person, the device notifies the emergency person automatically on an urgent basis.

Accuracy and Limitations of fall detection devices for elderly

These devices do not have 100% accuracy and have some limitations. Manufacturers never claim that the device is 100% accurate. The fact is fall detection devices detect at least 85% of falls.

Studies show that a device that wears the person’s center of gravity is more accurate than a watch worn on the wrist. The pendant is more accurate than the smartwatch. It proves that a device that usually wears near the shoulder is more accurate in detecting falls.

Who can use these fall-detection devices?

These fall detection devices are highly recommended for seniors aged over 65+ and also aged dementia patients. Timely fall detection will control the situation to a great extent.

Even at a young age, people can use these fall detection devices if they are on medication that triggers dizziness and makes the patient sleepy. Epilepsy patients can also use these devices for their safety.

Those involved in extensive sports activities like mountain climbing, biking, or horse riding can use these fall-detection devices. It will help send the alert to the contact center or family friend in case of any emergency fall situation.

What medical conditions are more prone to the emergency fall situation?

If you have a chronic medical condition that makes you feel unsteady, unbalanced, lose consciousness, or have diminished touch and visual sensitivity, you’re more prone to fall. Some of these common medical conditions are:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Panic disorders
  • Seizure disorders
  • Anemia
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Postural hypotension
  • Depression
  • Foot and toe deformities
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Which are the best available fall-detection devices?

As we have learned the basic functioning of fall detection devices, Now we will go through some of the best fall detection devices for seniors. It will help you make up your mind and get the most beneficial medical alert/fall detection device for your loved one. 

Reliable Fall Detection Medical Alert Device

 Reliable Fall Detection Medical Alert Device is one of the most up-to-date fall detection devices for elderly. It will ensure peace of mind and safety for your parent, grandparent, or loved one. Thanks to this device, even if you are not physically present alone, you will be taking great care of them. It is a light, portable, easy-to-use device that will overcome the risk in an emergency. The patient can press the button, and they will be connected to the trained support agent. All they need is a 4G LTE connection for hassle-free contact with our contact center.

Here are some of the features of the Reliable device. 

1) This device has a great sensor mechanism that doesn’t miss a fall. Due to its highly sensitive mechanism, it picks more falls than the other available devices. If picking accurate fall detection is your concern, this device is recommended. As the device is highly sensitive, sometimes it picks up the false fall. In such a case, you can cancel the call. A reliable device is not recommended for active users due to its sensitivity.

2) This wireless alert system gives your loved one the independence they require to participate in daily activities. They can now maintain their physical and emotional health with this Reliable fall detection device that can function inside or outside the home. Its benefits include waterproof resistance in locations like the toilet or the pool. It also has the most extended battery life in the industry, up to 4 days.

3) This device works with the AT&T network and comes with one month of service. There are no activation fees, long-term contracts, or cancellation fees with this service. It also provides fall detection at no additional cost. Modern technology gives voice assistance, multi-mode location accuracy, and high-quality audio speakers.

4) After the one-time payment of the device, you only need to pay $ 34.99 monthly as monitoring charges of the app & for an experienced support agent. This is not a long-term contract. You can come out of it at your will.

Belle + with Fall Detection & GPS

 This is another high-class product. These fall detection devices for home use will help you ensure maximum safety and protection for your loved ones. Now have complete peace of mind. Your loved one is also now our responsibility. It has an advanced technology-based fall detection sensor system for the elderly, which detects the fall and connects your loved one with the expert trained staff for emergency fall situations.

It has an easy joining process. You don’t have to come under a long contract with Belle. All you have to do is to pay the device charges. You will get a four-month promotional period. After its expiry, you only need to pay monthly charges of $ 34.99.

Now take a look at the design details of this incredible gadget.

  1. The device has water-resistant technology. According to research, 90% of seniors prefer to stay at home. At the same time, 80% of the falls occur in the bathroom. This device is water resistant and easily wearable while having a shower. Your loved one will be safe and sound wearing this fall detection system for elderly.
  2. Enjoy the expertise and experience of a certified, trained healthcare professional and caregiver who can quickly and efficiently handle emergencies. Our experts can aid with the dispatch of the medical, police, or fire departments and can even communicate a crucial message to a friend or relative.
  3. This gadget is an accessible emergency cell phone because a base station or a landline does not restrict it. It is simple because there is only one sizable button and a hearing aid speaker. People of all ages can use the device in almost any circumstance. It can be worn as a necklace or affixed to a belt.

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